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-Secure, fast, robust.adj. sturdy in construction; able to withstand or overcome adverse conditions.

-Tailor-made for you.noun. esteemed representative of a prestigious organization.

-With maximum efficiency.noun. ratio of useful work performed to total energy expended.

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I specialize in building and maintaining static websites that are secure, beautiful, fast, and robust. If you already have a website powered by a CMS such as WordPress you should consider these 4 Reasons to Leave WordPress and convert to a static site today.

Why choose me?


Break free from the templates that other designers and website editors use. I have years of engineering experience and I use the latest workflow tools for a hyper efficient technical workflow so that I can focus on your unique design. Plus I'll be your single point of contact from the requirements phase to the support phase, so nothing will get lost in communication.

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Some of the tools I use if you care to know:

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Mobile first design


I emphasize what's been termed a responsive design strategy to ensure that your website looks great on all screens, including the tiniest of smart phone screens. You're viewing this site on a small screen now aren't you?

Seo and analytics


These aren't extras, these are included! Search engine optimization is essential to your online marketing. I do all the right things so that search engines can find your site easily. I'll even tell you about the extra steps you can take to really make your business stand out among the search results.

And Google Analytics offers the most in depth insights into who is visiting your site at absolutely no cost. I'll show you how to use this amazing tool to get the hard numbers behind your website.



I also stay on call for you throughout the lifetime of your website. Whether you want verbiage changes, pictures added or removed, special promotions advertised, or announcements made I will keep your website fresh and up to date. I also guarantee that your site is bug free on every device.



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